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Terms and Conditions

APP/WEB Wanta belongs to Anathai Anazame S.L.

C/ Puigmartí 16-18, 08012 Barcelona (Spain)

CIF B-64397813

E-mail: info@wanta.es


THE SERVICE provided by Anathai Anazame S.L. is intended for direct use as-is.

Wanta is a platform for the registration of professionals, volunteers and / or handymen (Wanters), and the dissemination of services, arranged in the categories Aesthetics, Housework, How to do it, Give me a hand, whose sole objective is to establish contacts between Wanters and Wanta Users.

Wanters choose services, ordered by category, to offer to Wanta Users.

This means that Wanta has no responsibility, direct or indirect, in the transactions between the Users and Wanters for the payment of the services in the event if there is some type of monetary transaction for any service.

Wanta, as a simple advertiser, cannot guarantee the payment of the services provided by Users or Wanters, nor the veracity of the information outlined in the description of Users and Wanters, nor the qualification of Wanters, nor their phone numbers, etc.

Whether Wanters or Users, Wanta members must create a profile to use it. These commit to creating a single profile on the platform.

This profile can be modified and managed from the control panel available to Users and Wanters.

Wanta's services are exclusively reserved for persons of legal age.

Wanta considers the data provided by Users and Wanters to be valid and they are solely responsible for the documentation and data provided.

The Wanter guarantees that the documentation provided by him / her is valid and only he / she guarantees that he / she is valid to carry out that task / service.

Wanta reserves the right to block and / or delete profiles that make abusive or inappropriate use of the platform's services.